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Custom Seminars

Fly Tying Classes

Fly Tying Demos

What patterns would your members like to see me tie? Clubs and chapters often set up an hour or so in the afternoon before the program for an informal mix of fish stories, fly tying and fun.

Listed below are some of the places I have presented a program, fly tying class or demonstration.


Fly Tying Demonstrations...

  1. Complete Angler, Darien, CT

  2. Central New Jersey TU

  3. Mainline Fly Fishers, Valley Forge, PA

  4. Farmington Anglers Association, CT

  5. Binghamton Chapter Trout Unlimited

  6. NY2 Fly Tournament, Wilmington, NY

  7. Clearwater TU, Albany, NY

  8. Miami Valley Fly Fishers, Dayton, OH

  9. Nutmeg Chapter Trout Unlimited, CT

  10. Indianapolis Fly Fishers, Indianapolis, IN

  11. North Coast Fly Fishers, Cleveland, OH

  12. Marlborough Fly Fishing Show, MA

  13. Northern Kentucky Fly Fishers

  14. Sowbug, Mountain Home, AR

  15. Montgomery County Fly Fishers, Houston,TX

  16. Cabela's, Fort Worth, TX

  17. Eastern New Jersey Chapter Trout Unlimited

  18. Midnight Sun TU, Fairbanks, AK

  19. Raleigh Fly Fishing Show, NC

  20. Backwoods, Fort Worth, TX

  21. Ray Bergman Trout Unlimited, Suffern, NY

  22. Juliana Anglers, New York City, NY

  23. Orvis, Manchester, VT

  24. South Seas Resort, Captiva, FL

  25. Hamilton Fly Fishers, Toronto, Canada

  26. Eastern Fly Rodders, Long Island, NY

  27. Hilles, Williamsport, PA

  28. Delaware Valley Fly Fishers, DE

  29. International Fly Tying Symposium, Somerset, NJ

Fees and Expenses

Fees are charged by the day, not by the event. My daily fee generally includes a seminar and fly tying demonstration. Depending upon your location I also ask that expenses for travel, lodging and meals are reimbursed. Please contact me for available dates, presentation agenda and further information.