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For over 30 years I worked as a designer and graphic artist. During this time I was also the outdoor editor for the TROY RECORD and the ALBANY TIMES UNION newspapers, bouncing back and forth between papers. I retired from my real job and the newspaper in 1995 to pursue my passion for writing, tying flies and fly-fishing. I still utilize my art talent when illustrating magazine articles or a new book. I also established myself as a watercolorist shortly after retiring; selling many paintings that combine paper, paint and my unique fly patterns.

I have been tying flies since the early fifties and teaching fly tying for over 30 years. During the past twenty years I have designed nearly a hundred and fifty productive, innovative patterns for everything from bluegills to bonefish. Many of these patterns have been featured in my CREATIVE TYING column published in FLY TYER MAGAZINE throughout the past 15 years. More than fifty unique patterns were also included in my two fly tying books, FISHY’S FLIES and FISHY’S FAVORITES. My latest book TYING FLIES WITH COMMON HOUSEHOLD MATERIALS is based on the many unusual materials I have wrapped around a hook during my time at the vise.

I am featured at many of the major fly tying/fly fishing events where I demonstrate the art of fly tying and fly fishing during my  presentations. My show and seminar schedule has taken me from the South Seas Resort on Captiva Island, Florida to the Rising Sun chapter of Trout Unlimited in Fairbanks, Alaska.

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